Feb 26, 2007

On being a smartass...

I've been asked why I don't do comedy before. I'm a smartass, and due to my generally quiet nature, can floor people with a quiet comment from nowhere. I'm quirky anyway, and generally like to make people laugh.

I salute those that can come up with enough stuff to do a 45-minute (or however long) show. I've got a particular niche for comedians (a la MicroSerfs, Comedians & Their Routines would certainly be one of my Jeopardy categories) in my brain, but I couldn't do it myself.

There's different types of comedians- prop/ventriloquist, angry/grizzled, redneck, etc.- all sorts of different types. My only drawback (okay, well two) are my geekish nature, and the problem that mine comes in sarcasm... especially reflective sarcasm. I know it's not impossible- I think Bill Engvall pulls it off well w/ his Here's Your Sign bit... but I just can't seem to muster it up.

Why is it even an issue? I don't know. It's yet another creative outlet that I don't think I'll be able to master. It'd be nice to find that niche, somewhere... be it in writing, comedy, or some other as-of-yet undiscovered talent. Call it Hiro Syndrome, or something... but who doesn't want to be someone larger than life?

(And damn Steve for getting me hooked on that show.)

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