Mar 9, 2007

It's that time of year....

Where we celebrate Jesus' return with pretty colored eggs and bunnies! Or something.

Easter brings back some fond memories. My grandpa always made enough eggs for the entire local American Legion chapter for easter- enough to fill a Trojan Rabbit, it semed. Grandpa would have a huge pot where he'd boil a few dozen at a time. I can't remember how many eggs we'd dye each year, but I'd bet it was probably two gross, maybe even more.

It was a fun time... tons of sintky die pellets from those PAAS kits, the cheap coathanger egg dippers, and cartons of eggs in some stage of the coloring process scattered about the entire dining room table. I (and my sister when old enough) were the only ones that ever got to help. Grandma would too, obviously... but she never got to boil the eggs; she always turned the yolks green according to grandpa.

Rest of the holiday, meh, can pass on. Just remember proper rabbit-eating etiquette! Always cut the head off and lay it on the desk, so it can watch you eat the rest of it. When are they gonna come out with the chocolate Jesus'?

(I guess we skipped right past St. Patty's this year. Due to the good timing of the holiday and the planned trip to Kenowhere for a stop at Woodman's and stuff anyway, maybe I'll get a picture of Gerry's St. Patty's Day monster panties. Maybe have somethin' to drink for the Irish heritage... we'll see how the mood hits.)

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