Mar 19, 2007

Why I never go out...

Kacy, Steve, and I went out for food here in Milwaukee on Saturday night. We were expecting a few more friends to show, but they never did, so it was just us three.

We figured we'd give Pizza Shuttle a go. Ordered from there plenty of times, but never ate there, so we fig'd we'd give it a try.

We figured it'd be a sit-down restaurant type place; they'd even advertised having more room (expanding) and free WiFi and stuff., Instead, it was like Omega's or any number of other places- big counter to order, window where they yell out numbers to pick up your food when it's ready. No big deal in and of itself.

We were lucky enough to find no booths open, so sat in chairs against the front window.. Got to watch the idiocy going on outside (holiday weekend + college town = idiots galore!)... and immediately remembered Milwaukee doesn't have the same no-smoking-in-common-areas laws as Kenowhere does. Some kids (probably not even old enough to smoke) were smoking cheap-shit cigars a few chairs down from us... and the smell was making me sick on top of being hungry.

Kacy got a burger and Steve and I shared a pizza. Kacy's was up first, and her and Steve went up and got it since we thought it'd be the whole order. I guess while they were up there, Kacy was approached by some drunk guy on crutches, screaming something about geting him kicked out after being a punk and sayhing Kacy and some friends accused him of stealing their pizza (or something along those lines). Kinda tough since this was our first time ever in that restaurant.

We joked about it for a while, then got our pizza when it was ready, and had a generally uneventful dinner (amidst the crappy cigar smoke and Steve and I saying 'You stole our pizza!' to Kacy).

When the guy decided he was done, he had to get in another round. He stumbled over to us (well, as close as he could get, considering there was a table with another family on it in the way), and started bitchinga bout Kacy again. Insert drunken ramblings about having a police report, getting his buddy of 50 years on the policeforce to find him (Kacy, near-shaved head, wide shoulders, and coat to hide the tits, makes quite a tough-looking guy), and other shit.

Things probably coulda gotten bad, the guy was yelling, and Kacy couldn't get a word in edgewise. Most of the people there were watching, but that was no big deal. The ugy was starting to cus at Kacy, and the father at the table he was leaning over had enough and told him to shut up, cuz he had kids there. He added something about not havng to, he'd been in the service and honorably discharged twice (or something), and finally gave up and wandered outside.

Half the restaurant watched as he drunkenly hobbled away, and laughed when we thought he was going into the George Webb across the street... but he disappointed us and hobbled away elsewhere. We finished our food, dodged the various stares, and headed home.

Watched an episode or two of Mythubsters, and called it a night. In the future, we'll order out.

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