May 8, 2007

A different approach...

I've got no problem with writing; I think that's pretty evident. So, I'm gonna try turning my focus towards setting up a plot to follow instead- once i have that mapped out, I can probably write with no/less problem.

It's still a big step- so many options, so many possibilities, and so many hangups about 'what makes this different'. I've had some ideas pop into my head, and still have that prologue rambling about; might even work on that today, since I'm at least semi-coherent. Even just now, in trying to think of actual plots, rather than the story itself, my mind has more and more ideas popping into it as I write this.

I read about NaNoWriMo this morning, which I'd heard of last year, and might actually organize myself into giving it a shot. That means less writing and more focus on outlining/plot/etc., and assembling it all at once.. but ya never know. I'd love to eventually get something in print- the Leo in me wants recognition.

Blogs won't be interrupted, and I'm sure I'll toss in a quickie once in a while, based on moods... but overall, I think trying to set up for NaNoWriMo might be a good idea for getting myself organized. Time may be a problem since I'm looking at my last few classes for school, but we'll see when we get there.


  1. Yeah go ahead and try the Nawhowho. Won't know until you try. It might work out better for you. I wanted to ask you, what kind of stories do you enjoy reading? Who's your favorite Author?

  2. I dont remeber if i ever told you this, but i think doing an outline is a great idea....its like doing sketches of my sculptures before i actually execute it....its almost necessary for precision. goodluck. :)