May 17, 2007

Close, but no cigar.

Short day today.

After seeing Claire yesterday, saw Gerry today with my oh-so-lovely monster sunglasses. They helped, we tested what I could see for signs and street lights & stuff. Just a quick test, worked fairly well. Done in about 25 mins or so.

Then I saw Claire again. We were gonna try the CCTs to see if those would help, but started dealing with the stuff the Doc (I can't remember her name) suggested yesterday. Fiddled w/ magnifiers, monoculars, etc. I'm getting my regular glasses, a few hand-held magnifiers (instead of reading glasses), wraparound sunglasses, and a few other toys. I've also gotta demo and might end up using Jordy, too. All provided for by the State.

We didn't have enough time to play with the CCTV magnifiers, so I'll be going back for one more hour next Thursday. That's all, though, until the staffing when I get the results/recommendations (which I basically already know). After that, I'll start the official orientation classes and whatever else is on the recommendations (like getting ZoomText Magnifier, etc.). Some red tape to cut through with stuff, like the glasses, but will be worth it overall.

Havent' done anything with my story since I played NWN last night and these have ben kinda draining. I might tonight, and go back to my quiet mornings tomorrow/next week, so plenty of time to catch up. I wanna get back to it, I actually feel compelled to write more! Woo.

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  1. That's the spirit! Keep that motivation going!