May 9, 2007

Stepping outside the box.

Per one of the comments on my last post about NaNoWriMo and who to write, I'm being pushed out of the box of my comfort zone for writing. Though my thoughts got derailed this afternoon (details on that following this post), I've been given a challenge.

Hopefully, by next Monday, I'll have another story written. It's an as-of-yet-unnamed kid's story. I had the idea for it as we were talking about it. I have to have it by Monday, though I don't know what's pushing me to do so. (I'd say I'm trying, but trying isn't good enough, heh. I have to know I'll do it.)

So, the most I can say, is stay tuned next week. No new erotica, but it's something.


  1. Have you ever wrote a childrens story before?

  2. Nope... never written a childrens' book at all. It's that way on purpose, being challenged into writing something I don't normally do (e.g. erotica, etc).

  3. Glad you can still write. I'm still blocked and cant seem to get into it anymore :( Not even a tiny poem and I really miss to write. I hope that someone will come a long and kick down the walls so the inspiration will flow again.

    Good luck with the story :)