May 14, 2007

One down, three to go....

Not quite what I expected today, but decent overall.

Hour 1- Rob, 'overall' evaluator. General idea of what was going on for the day(s); rate how my vision works as it deals with x, y, z; get basic info about my condition; etc.

Hour 2- Troy, I/T Guy. More like half-hour. Typing test, few options I sorta knew about. Few good IT jokes, and I'm not seeing him for any of the other sessions I'm scheduled for with him... get to go home early the next few weeks instead.

Hour 3- Jennifer, Living Skills lady. (Cute in the 'mousy' kinda way.) Basic living skills- getting an idea of stuff I can/can't do as far as reading, cleaning, cooking, etc.

Hour 4- Lunch. More like 1:20 or so cuz Jennifer and I got to a stopping point kinda early. Already had about 5-10 mins after Rob's meeting and 20 mins after Troy's meeting, so was done w/ sitting around all day by this point.

Hour 5- Gerry, mobility training. Learned the basics of orientation and mobility, which I pretty much already knew, and started using a cane a little bit, tried a few different 'tips' in the basement of the complex and outside.

Hour 6- Jennifer again. Detailed stuff like certain pens, writing guides, etc.

Then, home! Yaeee!!! Same people tomorrow. Vision specialist on Weds and also an ... optometric therapist?... basically the one that suggests various low-vision aids like magnifiers, etc.

Afer that, jsut an evaluation meeting at some later point, and then whatever else results from that meeting. I'll ahve more mobility/cane training with Gerry but that's already reduced to less than half the normal time because I already use a lot of the things he teaches; it's more dealing with cane travel and learning that. Not sure what all else.

Overall, not too bad. Quite a few different people to talk to, and some perspective showing through. Had a few times I was with different people, and all the people at the center are blind/VH themselves. Rob told me about losing his sight in his twenties, having to develop and cope with changes, etc. I know I'm fortunate in that I've had my whole life to adapt. I'm also nowhere near as bad with what vision I do have, as those without completely.

Overall a pretty light-hearted, friendly atmosphere. I'll be happy when it's done, but other than the time between sessions, it's not that bad. (I could stand to get the chicken dance outta my head after hearing it on the ride in there this morning... ugh!)

Sugar's kicking in I think, headache's disappearing, comfy tempwise, gf's studying or otherwise occupied on laptop... think I'll try writing.

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