May 7, 2007

One-eyed Tymme & Suicide Kings

Got the laundry done yesterday, but that was about it... not much else for productivity. Watched Suicide Kings last night- thoroughly enjoyable movie. Then again, I'm a big fan of Jay Mohr and Denis Leary, and enjoy those kinds of movies that 'jump around' a bit. It was pretty creative, and in a genre I kind of enjoy but don't know enough about to write something well there.

The biggest hangup I have with writing, I think, is originality. I don't know how so many movies, books, etc., can be so original after all this time. There's a lot that take a pattern and run with it- Shrek, 2, 3, 4... Spiderman, 2, 3, 4... whatever. It's been the case with video games and other walks of life, too- any old gamer knows Capcom can't count past three. Sometimes people find the right groove (look at Heroes, for example).. but there's a lot more that just gets rehashed... and I don't want to be that, nor cna I find that groove that is't done.

I've never been a setting/plot guy. The architect personality type fits me well- I'll take an idea and make sure it looks its best... but have to have someone else to actually build that foundation. (I flip between architect (INTP) and artist (INFP). Go figure.)

Day by day, though, things are getting better. Writing on here helps a lot, it gets me into the habit of writing regularly. I still have to deal with some issues (like poor sleeping and allergies) but it's coming along far better now that I write so regularly. Maybe I need to start spending more time focusing on pulling out the plots and story lines; I know my writing ability is there... I just need something to write!

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  1. Hey! I really liked the Suicide Kings too!