May 1, 2007

Teh decline of civilization.

I suppose that could almost be the title for a story post, but that isn't it. I thought I still had the story from before, but I don't... not on RoadRunner, or my hard drive. I knew some stuff didn't copy over from my old HD that had it, but figured this would've. No such luck, so I'll start over as soon as I can flesh out the idea. In the meantime, though, you get to read a different thesis. :P

The rant is about people in general; males in particular. I'm a guy, and a perv. Par for the course. Sometimes, though, I really hate being reminded of that, like this morning.

Make sure you keep following the bouncing ball here- it's needed for back-story.

*deap breath* I held w/ admin stuff on a friend's adult site. This includes bonuses of all her content. That content includes a cam show site. That site has a handful of models from all sorts of different sites. You sign up for one of the models' sites, you get access to their cam shows plus all the others on that cam site. A model broadcasts to the server and people can connect and watch/listen, for one-hour shows; you can also talk in an accompanying chat room.

One of the gals on that cam site is called Topaz. She's a short, cute, BBW Jersey girl. I like watching her shows. (I'm a huge fan of BBWs, for those that haven't followed me from elsewhere to hear it before; I'll have to post my comments on that at some point.) A week or two ago, I added her when she gave out her MySpace info.

Day or two ago, Topaz posts bulletins and a blog saying she was robbed- few grand in cash, computer, camera, and other stuff. I checked the cam site and saw she's still listed for a show this morning, so I pop in to see if she's gonna show up and relay messages if not.

*finally exhales* Ok, now the fun part.

So, she ends up being a no-show. Hoped otherwise, but figured such might happen. So, I start relaying the info off/on when the 'y no show?' comments get grunted out.

I stuck around that chat room for too long. I know part of it's the nature of the beast, but watching males geared up to see T&A can be frightening. Lack of spelling, fine... understandable, the net's rampant with it. Moreso with pants around ankles waiting impatiently. I can even understand the nature of the comments, given what should be going on.

Watching 'females' (it's just screen names, so who knows) wander in proves a downright scary state. The three that did were asking for it (JaneLovesGirls or something, HotLady, whatever), but you could see the pounce as it happened. Barely grunting out 'guys too?' to JaneLovesGirls, giggled responses from her/it. More than one cock (size) fight in the 25 mins or so I was there. Two other girls ended up leaving after 5+ yahoo IM name & cam requests. I probably could've said *grunt grunt belch grunt* and had 5 or 6 people respond in agreement... though I wouldn't have known what I said. Round them up, throw 'em in the wild, and watch them start flinging poo and beating each other with clubs.

I see the same thing on an acquaintance's blog. (I don't know her personally; I used to see her on AWC and just drop a comment once in a while.) Granted, the blog is primarily about her sexual exploits (or at least nearly equal with other life experiences), but the comments there are hardly better. Heaven forbid there's more than a story or two that doesn't deal with sex- 'more sex stuff please' has shown up more than once.

I can relate at times, though. Everyone (self included) gets those 'need to be fucked silly' moments. I look in hindsight at the way I act, and feel ashamed. It's primal nature, but we're above that- we have the ability to think beyond, do more with our lives... ...don't we?

Times like this make me think otherwise. Same with middle/high school kids on the bus. How our society can get anywhere, at least through representations of these groups of individuals, is beyond me. How did survival bring us to this point- who was the ostracized ape that decided we needed to work on shelter and language rather than throwing poo and having sex all day?

...I think that's it. I don't know that I had a point, or solution, but felt good to get it off my chest. Now, 'scuse me while I go find (or make) some poop to fling and swing from the ceiling fan. *grunt grunt*


  1. Hey there!
    First, before I comment, I want to thank you for all your kind words and support on my blog. It has been a rough year and like I said today, if they had a poster child for Bi Polar disorder then they should ask me!! LOL

    As for your post....I know exactly what you are talking about with these sites. When I first got online, years ago, I was drawn to the porn sites. I was very lonely and hadnt been sexually active in several years. I got involved with a few men sending erotic stories back and forth. I remember the insanity I felt all the time. I was a ticking time bomb and I saw that I had formed a porn addiction. I know that might sound odd for a female but it is what happened. I have been in those chats and I have seen the men and heard the grunts. I agree with you about the decline in our society. I am ashamed that at one point I contributed to the insanity. Your comment about the apes cracked me up...maybe that should be a cam would probably sell..what do you think?? LOL

  2. Are you addicted to porn sites? Just asking because of what you say and this story line that is running on Young and The Restless. I'm going to check out that girls blog. I already saved it as one of my favorites. My type of stories.