May 22, 2007


Not much new to report. Kacy saw a mouse yesterday morning, but we'd already started cleaning anyway... this just helped push the effort and will hopefully get her to stop nesting and leaving food out so much. We also picked up a few traps and put them out, but haven't checked them to see if we caught anything yet.

Went out last nite with Kacy and her gf Heather. They're good friends, and she lives a block east of us, but just haven't managed to get together much w/ conflicting schedules. Tried out a bar downtown, had a yummy calzone and a bit to drink, but nothing special. Went to her place afterwards and talked for a few hours.

So, now I'm working on my paper that's a day late, which is 1 letter grade drop... but not that concerned about it; I wasted the day yesterday exercising my creativity by playing SimCity 4 and then going out, so it's my fault. Think SimCity was just what I was looking for lately; I've had the creative spark, but not in writing as much. SimCity's a good way to get the brain stirring again.

I've still got the story to work on, and have the 'spark' there, too... just timing isn't the best. With Kacy working short weeks and not having class/etc., by the time I'm awake enough to write (or waking back up from a nap), she's getting home. Her hours will be longer starting next week, so that should help. Once I"m caught up in class, and have Heroes watched, I'll have this week free, too. So, here's to hoping for more scribblings in the near future....


  1. OMG!! A mouse. You should have kept it has a pet.

  2. Seriously, did you see the end of Heroes?!?! It was AWESOME!!