Jun 1, 2007


Slept funny, think the humidity and lack of circulation in the bedroom is hurting our sleeping patterns. Slept on something funny cuz a few parts of my side hurt, too.

Plus, barin's mushy and stomach's not feeling right. Lovely way to start a weekend.

Supposed to go down to Kenossha tonight. We can buy a few months' worth of groceries down at Woodman's for the cost of a few weeks' worth up here, including bus to Kenosha (and sometimes gas for friends coming back up)... so we were gonna do that tomorrow morning after staying at Kacy's parents' place tonight. Not sure I'll go, espec with the fact I get bus-sick sometimes, and already feeling crappy won't help.

I might sleep it off, stay here, and take the time to write more. I've added another page to my story, but hard to focus on fantasy when you feel like you're gonna throw up.

I do need to implement the 'Write for an hour before you do anything else' policy, though... make it a habit. My morning routine is pretty standard no... wake up wheneve Kacy gets me up, have coffee/breakfast, check notes on Aardwolf, and then find something there to occupy me. Tossing in an hour of writing after she leaves for work wouldn't be a problem.

We'll see how I feel after a nap, might go down there. Might just stay here anyway, feeling good or not, to get some writign time and work on school stuff. Guess we'll see in a few hours.

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