Nov 12, 2008

Movin' right along.

Our lease was set to expire at end of August this year, but when we added Craig on (to give him the relocation bonus from Bucyrus, since he was stayin' here anyway), it reset to Dec 31.

We've already been having issues with this place. The basement is partially unfinished (dirt floor in about 1/4 of the basement); several heating vents are uncovered and there's even one place you can see into the basement through a gap in the floor; windows are so old they're just about impossible to do anything with (on the ones that have screens, at least); the floor is warped so badly there's only one real spot in the dining room we can put a desk and sit at it without rolling halfway across the room; and there's our back door neighbors.

These are the epitome of drunken rednecks; if they're not working, one (at least) is so shitfaced he can't talk, whether it's after work at 7pm or an off-day and 2pm (or earlier). There's regular shouting matches back and forth, which is fine... until the music gets involved. There's three different sound systems back there, and especially when one brother gets pissed, he raises the stereo up to the point we hear it (clearly) on the opposite end of the house, to purposely piss off the other brother. Then they decide to fight even more, over top of the loud music.

We called the landlord; nothing happened. Called the cops a few times, and they came out a few times (not sure if as many times as we called). In August, I called the cops again and landlord again the next morning; with enough noise complaints, the ticket prices start getting shared with the landlord (to help make sure the complaint gets fixed). I told the landlords we didn't want to do that but once a week shit like this was ridiculous.

It worked, for the most part; music would still be on and bass would be up to the point we could hear it through the walls out into the living room, but overall, it was a lot better, until it started going back to same old shit the past week or two.

Last night, they were at it again, and decided to play 'dueling stereos'. First a home theater went up (some action movie, lotsa booms, etc.), so other asshole turned up his stereo (with xmas music). I guess they've got a third stereo, because that got turned up too. Rigoddamndiculous. Cops got called again and actually got to talk to the officer over the phone for once... hopefully they get a ticket (or another one if they've actually gotten tickets).

If that hadn't cemented our decision, the basement did. Heard dripping last night from a pipe near our washer/dryer, but couldn't tell where. Had Kacy come and look, and was easy to tell where it was... and the whole pipe was caked in mold. Explains why our allergies have been worse the past month or two. With all the open grates (the air return on the dining room wall is just one huge open hole; the grate never stays on)... it's certainly made its way up here.

So, we'd already decided we weren't staying here long; at first we figured stay til end of school in May and look... but have started thinking of doing so now, and have looked at a few places. We're 1 for 3 on looking (one place the landlord never showed up, and we underestimated the time it'd take and missed our appointment at one yesterday).

When asking Craig about a place to store the washer/dryer if we found a place w/o storage/basement, he also offered us the ability to stay at his place in case we didn't find something in time, which is a big help. Hopefully we won't need it, but offer's there at least. And it's closer to friends visiting over Xmas, heh.

So, the search is on....

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