Dec 1, 2008

More apartment drama.

We got a call at 9pm last night, from our landlord. She wanted to show the place to two people tonight at 6pm. They raised a stink about 12 hours notice instead of 24 given in our 'we're leaving' letter and she's been rather hostile both times we've talked to her.

We sent the notice in on the 13th of November, and she called on the 16th to say they were putting the apartment up in the Journal for showing. This past Saturday, we got a letter (we didn't find it until she called last night) saying the lease was up Jan 31 and we had to give 60 days notice. The January end date seems right since we added Craig on in February, but if that were the case, we could've been told that when she called on Nov 16. Plus, we have a signed lease addendum that says we give 45 days notice, not 60.

So, we'll see how that goes tonight. Hopefully we'll get the drunk assholes loud and obnoxious too, so possible tenants and the landlord both can see why we're leaving.

We did have an appointment and saw a nice apartment yesterday, down in Cudahy. We're going to see another one a few blocks from there tomorrow and choose between the two, provided things are cleared up with moving out. It's about 2 blocks to Craig's place and 4ish to her parents' place, and it's way south side of Milwaukee County, close to more friends and less distance for them to drive.

App is in the decision processes for UW-M, but since I graduated with just under a 3.0 from UoP, shouldn't be an issue. Seems like it's ages away, but it's only a month and a half or so 'til stuff starts, provided everything gets done by then. Whee!

Here's to hoping things work out.

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