Apr 28, 2011

I'm not dead!

No giving up, just completely spaced about doing an update yesterday. Not part of my everyday routine quite yet.

My mind keeps going back to a gold dragon that's enslaved by a town (or so he leads them to believe). They captured him as a hatchling, and so he grew up with the townsfolk. He doesn't threaten them directly, but does make vague comments that could be construed badly. Being a good dragon, though, he doens't really go through with any threats (except when provoked, like by those pesky knights always trying to save townsfolk that aren't disappearing into his den (though try to convince those guys of that)).

I can kinda picture him, kinda have an idea of tthe town. I don't have any idea for the name, or what to do about beingin the town, except maybe facing a few of those onslaughts. The villagers feed him, but I have a feeling he sneaks some sheep in on the side. Or maybe something else... the wool probably tickles on the way down. (Good for a kleenex, though.)

The lack of name is bugging me, for some reason- evn though I don't know what to do with him, apparently he wants some sort of definition and reason for sitting around in my mind, nwo that I've gotten him there.

Hmm, maybe he's a little more confused than first imagined.... golden body with a red underbelly. Maybe he dyes his scales to make people think he's friendly... or to hide his age? (I guess that idea doesnt' fly too well, though, if they captured him as a hatchling.)

I guess if Here There Be Dragons, there need to Be other Dragons Here. Territory conflicts with other dragons? Finding his parents? Getting out of the village and touring the world?

Nothing is sticking out, at least at the moment. Then again, I'm also having some problems making sure fingers are on the right keys. The upper row is too far to reach with current tired state. Leads to a lack of focus, too. (If I crash, it's a Good Thing, though... I really really really need to catch up on sleep.)I'll have to remember to read this tomorrow and maybe I can figure out an idea to expand upon. Even with another late start (I really need to set an alarm), am definitely slipping pretty bad now. Now, to just see myself sleep until morning instead of just napping.

Oh well, at least I got something in today. I didn't get the full time, but am still going, rather than two days of break. Dont' want that. I think I'm enjoying this....

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