Apr 22, 2011

Trying, trying, trying.

I think I had an idea earlier, but my brain's gone all fuzzy this evening. I wanna keep going, but have to figure out what's going on. I do have another outlet for creativity; I've got some IS homework (website creation) to do over the next few weeks.

Distraction's a definite hinderance tonight, even with not being interested in what's on. Le sigh.

Hmm. Graham cracker house in a candy city. I guess Snackdragon is still meddling around somewhere. Human inhabitants or is everyone else made of candy? I don't think I ever looked at that before. I knew there were villagers, but never got who/what they were. (I think I'm sticking with humans on this one, though. Candy people just seem a bit too rough on the old noggin tonight.)

So, we've got a little gingerbread hovel. Nibbles outta the side frrom starving inhabitants. Ceiling's missing in a few spots (that nasty milk rain soaked through the crackers in a few spots). Iced windows, and a bush of gumpdrops outside.

It's not much of a home, but Yurel is proud to call it his. Every day, he scrounges for work. He's done it all- washed dishes down at the bar, tilled the rough ground to plant young seedlings, and even taken care of that rodent problem that cropped up a while back. He knows about the Snackdragon- everyone in town has- but he's never seen it. It doesn't bother him though; Yurel just goes on his way, earning his scraps to keep his home from falling to pieces.

He'll be the one giving the kids a place to stay. Soft-taffy floors aren't much, but it's at least something more than the hard ground to sleep on.

There's an inn, too. Made from reinforced sandwich cookies, it's a lot more sturdy. There's always activity in there, but since they sell chocolate liquor, the kids aren't allowed. Yurel will have to do the nosing around in there for them, but that'll take a bit of his trust, and some contributing to the workload.

*Keeping up with the candy theme is gonna be a little harder than I thought.)

I really want the kids to make the adventure into the cave/tower/whatever on their own, but somehow need a companion for most of the trip. The classic befuddled-stranger-walking-by-on-the-road thing comes to mind, but sounds too simple and planned.

Maybe a trapper will catch them, bring them home, and turn out to be more helpful than first played. Hrm.

Damn plot lines! Quit overthinking this stuff. It can always be changed, too.

Mmm, chocolate. Good thing it's easter- gotta have more sugar for research! *nod self*

And for not having focus, I did take up the half hour I wanted. Guess it's going easier than I thought. I don't have the must-write-or-else kinda feeling (in fact, kinda wasn't sure I was gonna tonight), but I'll keep pressing on.

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