Feb 13, 2018

All good news.

It took us some work to get all the good news (we had car issues to miss the original flight last week, and I stayed home with one kiddo after catching cold/flu/whatever plague on Sunday), but we finally heard it today.

It's not the grand finale, as they still want to check on CJ there semi-annually, but we get to alternate trips to Rochester and NYC now, every three months.  Still not 100% comfortable coming back here totally since CJ is such an odd case.

The tumor that the doctor was watching has also disappeared/gone away.  Can't complain about that, either.

So while not the last trip, twice a year is much nicer than every few weeks to a month.  It's nice to know we're pretty much all out of the woods and just have to watch how things develop later on as a result of what's happened now.

It's been tough dealing with this trip. This is the time of year that I lost my mom to cancer, and CJ's events remind me of what she and I went through.  I've caught a whiff of the gas they use to put CJ to sleep and it stirs up old memories.  His cries are my cries and I remember how much it hurt Mom to have to hold me like the times I have with CJ.  I'm not as strong as she or Marie... but I'm incredibly glad for the advances in technology to give CJ a much better chance.  It's already interesting getting into fatherhood in general, and even moreso seeing how this develops.

Getting old, overdue for bedtime.