Jan 30, 2007

"360 or me!"

Thisforum post at GameSpot came up on Digg this morning. The girlfriend of a gamer is tired of him psending all his time on the XBox 360 and gave him the ultimatum, pick her or it.

Lots of opinions in the discussion. Wading past the 'ooh, pussy!' and 'ooh, 360!' crowds, leads to a devlopment that a lot of geeks eventually face... balance.

There's issues on both sides here. The original post says this guy thinks of games while making out with her, etc. I'm really hoping that's a joke. I understand an addiction (ask me to completely stop playing Aard or the few weeks surrounding the AutoAssault E3 tourney (2nd, w00t!))... but c'mon. There is life past video games... right?

On the other hand, maybe it's her. It's like asking me to not use the computer at all, or friends giving up reading or RPGs. There's some stuff that's an intricate part of peoples' lives... and while I'd consider most more 'beneficial' than video games, it's still a part of who that person is.

Maybe I've just been lucky. Girlfriends have been at least semi-geeky, some joining in or more addicted to certain gaming than I. We all have our hobbies, but we all have someone out there that can accept us for who we are... whether our issue is weight, gaming, perversion, or whatever.

I stopped reading the forum responses (and the Digg comments- basically the same, though a slightly more mature audience) out of fear for what the future brings from that band of 'hopefuls' *cough*. I suppose that'll be dealt with when the time comes.

...Hey, did I mention I just found out I share a birthday with Barack Obama? (Not that it means anything....) Happy Bad Luck day!

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  1. im laughing a little inside. I tried to do a paper like this in English last year and my very geeky prof wouldn't let me...hes like its gotta be a for or against...and i was really neither. oh well. As continues the fight between the gf and the game....