Jan 26, 2007


Sweaty palms. Heart beating a mile a minute. Staring at the clock, then loking back. Nervous twitching. Another clock check. Repeat. Check with friends, worry at a negative response. Fidget nervously some more. And then, finally.... salvation!

Waiting for your first date to arive? No. Job interview? Worse! You're all outta whack, because.... your favorite website (or game, other net addiction) is down!

It's funny how some people crawl outta the woodwork to see what's up when something isn't working. Things like, "I'll actually get stuff done today," and even just a hi, that you'd never see otherwise. All to what end? Feed that addiction.

What's worse, is how many of us offer comments like, 'Gee, I don't have this in my life right now. I can do this, and this, and that, and that.'... yet we really don't. What happens? Half the day is spent checking to make sure that adiction is gonna be back up. And when it finally is, you're behind! Not only is there catching up on everything not-so-important that you normally do, but now you've been inconvenienced enough you have to complain about it too!

I'll admit I'm equally guilty. The whole thing came about because of CT today, which I "don't go to any more". (I still check it, but I'm not participating... a la MySpace.) It made me think so much of Aardwolf, too. 25% of my day is probably spent looking at the screen, checking boards, who's on, etc. 50% is in another window and flipping back to chat, note, etc. The last 25% is actually working. (Yeah, tough job.)

Yet somehow, being without Aard, or whatever the addiction may be, makes the day impossible to live through. Can't get that fill of blank-stare-at-sreen time, I guess?

Oh well. I'm off to see if I can find a way to inject text directly into my bloodstream....

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