Jan 28, 2007

Why am I not surprised?

Sat through all 10 hours of the 07 Stand-Up Showdown on Conedy Central. That equates toa about 75 Lisa Lamapnelli commercials (between end-of-show ads and full-sized commercials), 20 Sarah Silverman Show commercials, 10 Verizon commercials, 5 commercials for whatever the new diet drug fad is (amazingly low!)... and all for what?

#1 is Dane Cook. I guessed this before it even started, so I shouldn't be too upset, though. Some movie deals, bunch of stuff on Nickelodeon, and whatever else, and now he's this 'visionary' comedian. Pfft. Not even all that funny. Maybe about ... 5 years ago, when it was original, but it's been the same act forever now. Gimme Lewis Black, Bill Hicks, or Denis Leary for an angry comedian anyway.

Then again, that wasn't the only BS involved. Rocky LaPorte #2... ("Who?" Exactly.) Decent, but nothing special. The uncle bit is good, tho. Jim Gaffigan #3... fuck no. Most, tho, weren't a big surprise- some faves, like Mitch Hedberg, Frank Caliendo, the Don (Rich Vos for those who didn't watch the Last Comic Standing series while it was a good series), and The Amazing Jonathan were on the top 20. So, it wasn't all bad. Plus, even found some new stuff, like Steve Byrne. A few were missing, too. Toss John Pinette in there somewhere, and swap out Dimitri Martin (how's he suddenly a big shot to Comedy Central?) with Zach Galifianakis.

I'd love to see the results from other comedians. Comedy Central did the 100 Greatest Comedians of All Time, but I'd like to see a list that wasn't a high-school popularity contest. I'm surprised Larry the Cable Guy didn't make it in with the evident lack of voter mentality. (I don't know if he has a separate CC Presents special, though... that's probably it.)

Reminds me of why I don't watch TV any more, though. Oh well, tomorrow will be quiet. I'll go back to watching Futurama or re-watch Avatar or something to restore my faith in the creative genius of some people.

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