Feb 25, 2007

"I like snow! It's so pretty!"

Anyone who utters these words can quickly be identified as someone from the South or a different part of the world altogether. Certainly not someone from the Midwest.

If you like it, feel free to deal with it yourself. You can take all the snow we have here. Grab a shovel and have at it. Don't mind the rain coming down on top of it, making it even heavier, along with the water underneath from the other stuff melting from last night.

Or maybe you'd rather shovel in -30F temps, like the last time it snowed. (Okay, only -10, but wind chill made if teel like -30.)

There's a large Wisconsinite population in Phoenix, according to a Suns basketball announcer a week or few ago. Larger turnouts at Green Bay football games. We've even met someone buying $60+ of Usinger's sausage to bring back on their flight home to Phoenix.

So, our plan to move to the Phoenix area ain't the most original. I've got two words for anyone that bitches about it: Eighty fucking degrees.

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