Feb 12, 2007

Movies & me

Not sure how coherent this'll be... screaming headache after sleeping for crap last night. Anyhoo...

Picked up Clerks 2 Saturday. Had watched it a week or few ago through Blockbuster Online, and had some Reward Zone certificates I wanted to use up, so that and a Skype phone were my two purchases.

Clerks was funny because it hit home, espec for anyone in a shit job. It wasn't quite like the pain of Napoleon Dynamite (knowing, or being, someone like him in school), but it had a special connection.

This time it was different. I find it kinda sad that so much of one's life can be reflected in a comedy, and moreso that I even think about it when watching it, as much as enjoying the film. But, it makes me think about my place in life. I'm certainly not trying to follow the status quo, but life overall is just a bland misadventure. (I can say thank the gods for no donkey show yet, though.)

Watching the documentary got to me, too; especially the part about the Cannes film festival and the 7- or 8-minute standing ovation after the screening of the movie. I think everyone deserves to feel that good at some point in their life... and far too few people get it. I've come ... close, or closer than some, but definitely nothing like that... and I wish I could.

Of course, like any other time I've comented on it, I don't do anything about it. This blog is my creative outlet, so it's something... but there's still a long way to go. Maybe one day I'll get those 15 minutes of fame....

For now, though, I just get to suck up this headache and go outside and shovel. Whee! Think it'll be back to bed after that.

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