Feb 18, 2007


Three seems to be a big deal for me. Big 'bigger' relationships have lasted threeish years... or t least that's what I remember, since it's been a while for a few of them. Whether it's one stint (lie w/ Jami or Jess) or in a few tries (3 different tries w/ Kritter), that seems to be the extent of it. Three live-in relationships, too- substitute Kritter with Christine.

What happens? Three comes into play there too- a third person involved in some fashion or another. (Beyond just 'meddling'... on my end, the other end, or both.) When I think about it more, it does suck... for both sides in all cases/ Whatever doesn't kill us, only makes us stronger, I suppose... but that doesn't mean there can be no regrets, either.

Hopefully three changes its stance in my life. It's my third time outta the house, and things are going well, other than financial woes. My third try at college is nearing completion, though I've had three major issues with the school.

So, here's to hoping. Maybe my third app at different companies will yield some positive results. We'll three how things go....

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