Mar 23, 2007

Ankh if you're Timmy!

Went to Mayfair Mall yesterday, cuz I had a doctor's appointment. I managed to keep my eye open long enough for him to look at my retina, got a pressure reading, and generally went well (far better than the last few times).

(Also got a laugh... the two receptionists were talking about something, and one showed her excitement by saying 'Woot!' in response to another's comment... was funny to hear from someone that falls out of the range of geekdom.)

Afterwards, we wandered around the mall some; I had an urge to splurge on something after getting my financial aid excess funds check (after cutting down some bills). Checked out Gamestop, nothing of real interest; checked out a few other stores, and then stopped by the Egyptian jewelry store.

I'd worn chains a few times before, and was thinking of wearing one again. Not many will see it, since I'm not out in public or visiting people that often, but it's still something nice to have.

Looked around some, tried on a few different chains, and eventually ended up with a byzantine chain and an ankh for it. Brings back the good old days- the whole Group had worn ankhs at one point; we'd gone to Gurnee Mills and all picked out our own necklaces and style of ankhs and wore them for a while. Some of us got a little crap for it (the relation to Egyptian gods vs devout Xian family), but overall, it was a nice symbol of life/love to wear together.

Plus, it was normally something like $220 for chain + $50 for ankh, and we got it for $190. The guy was very helpful, told us stories about the ankh, drew out heiroglyphs for our names and showed us a few different things we could pu them on (rings, charms, etc.) Overall, a really cool guy, really fun time. I still smell like the perfume oil/whatever he put on me tho... *snicker*

Off to get ready for Knosha... going down overnight to shop at Woodman's and stock up on groceries. Got a new freezer, and cheap grociers down there- might as well put the combo to use!

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