Mar 8, 2007


When I am dreaming, I don't know if I'm truly asleep, or if I'm awake;
When I get up, I don't know if I'm truly awake, or if I'm still dreaming....
--Dream (Forest for the Trees)

I dunno what's been going on lately, but my dreams have been getting more and more vivid and emotional. I've always had very vivid dreams and (big surprise given my nature) a lot are sexual. Some I remember, and some I don't... depends on how I wake up, mostly.

I've woken up from them before, too. I remember being scared in a few. One in particular had me on a bus that was driving down a very steep, very tall road (a la the waterpark giant slide / drop)... and I woke up from the butterflies in my stomach That was shortly after moving in here.

These kinds of dreams are happening more often of late, though, and becoming more emotional. I had a dream w/ a fight involving my mom last week, and woke up almost shaking, heart racing, seeing red, etc. I knew it was just from the dream, but could still feel my body's reaction to it.

This morning, I had another one. I was letting my dog go out for a walk, and he ran ahead. He ended up being attacked and killed by two giant dogs, that also went after me. I felt the adrenaline rush, and felt myself crying. I didn't wake up crying, but felt the adrenaline and heart-wrenching pain I'd felt in the dream.

So, something's going on and leaving me in more turmoil than usual, I guess?

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