Mar 3, 2007

I am Geek, hear me ... type.

This past week, I installed SuSE on my PC. NWN crashed a few times last week, and it was more than a bit annoying, so I fig'd I'd give it a shot w/ the Unix client. Plus, I'd tried it a few times before and it worked decently, but had some compatibility issues with other hardware/software (I think last time I tried it was on my old Dell).

Have had it up and running a few days now. Got the most important things done; got a MUD client running (had to compile it myself to get it to cooperate), got sound/visual themes cooperating, and set up a shared drive so that I can have my Firefox/Thunderbird/etc. profiles shared between Windows and Unix. I also had some other smaller triumphs (getting sound to work in Gaim, for example), that overall made it a good day. Plus, I even got my homework done before Monday, so more time to fiddle with this thing.

It's amazing what these little triumphs can bring. Gods, I'm such a geek! (Ok, here's my sign....)

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