Apr 21, 2007

The birght yellow thing.

Bright lights, they burnses us! Or, at least they kinda did yesterday.

Productive day overall. Walked to Pick n Save (just a few blocks over) to get bus tickets, then took the bus and met Kacy at the daycare for lunch. She had a two-hour break, so we walked over to Bella's for lunch (mmm, burrrger... mmm, thicklicks... equivalent of a DQ Blizzard). I walked home from there when she went back to work.

Was probably a few miles' worth of walking, all told. The sun was out in full force, and the napkin I got at Bella's showed that when I got home- nice and destroyed. It was the first real sunlight I'd been exposed to (for an extended period of time) for a while, and it sucked. (Being very light-sensitive sucks, boys n girls.) But, it was 60ish degrees, felt nice (I left my jacket w/ Kacy cuz it was too warm for it) and was nice to be out walking.

We're back out in the living room now.... at least the essentials are set up. The bookcases weren't positioned right, so we have to take down both now rather than just the smaller, easier one I did yesterday. Once we do that and move them, though, we'll have things set up where only my PC desk and the couch/table need to be moved to be in the dining room for winter.

(This is all provided we're still here. If things go well w/ interviews, jobs, school, etc., I'd love to already be looking at or living in AZ/FL/etc.)

Off to shower; gonna talk w/ my uncle about a tech support deal and work on the living room today. Productivity is fun!!

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