Apr 30, 2007


Today's new word of the day. *snicker*

I've gone through several phases in Internet life, espec since I've been around here since the mid 90's (92 or so was my first intro to newsgroups, and was on a school shell account by 1995). I can't remember all of them, but up until recently, I was on places like LostCherry, MySpace, AnyWebCam, and 1Up. (Yeah, for the most part, I'm a perv. Always have been. I just know how to mix in other stuff with it.)

Seems things have shifted again- this is my new addiction. Though I subscribe to the feeds of fellow bloggers (thanks Tiff for finding me thru Kat, heh), I'm still checking my blog & the expanding circle from there. Not that it's a bad thing at all. *grin*

Writing every day is certainly helping. The fact there's nothing bad going on ATM does wonders, too... but in general, I do notice a bit more creativity. I'm happy with that.

Feedback is great- it's always nice hearing that things aren't as bad as I thought. The perv in me gets an extra giggle/grin/twitch/whatever outta the various comments about the erotic stories, too... double bonus!)

There's probably a point in here, but if nothing else, it's at least a way to say thanks for the feedback, glad to be seeing some responses & glad to be spending my day checking for the newest comments/tags/etc. from/to everyone. :)


  1. Hey Tymme - that's so sweet of you to to say thanks for the feedback! I'll get more graphic in my details of how the erotic stories make me feel, if you need me to! *snicker!!*

  2. Nah, it's okay. Some of the fun is not knowing the exact details.

    I don't mind feedback, but also don't need full story responses in return. :) I liked your comment for my first story... don't mind stuff like that at all. Same with other critiques, good or bad.

    I don't have an email link up (blogger uses a diff email addy than the I usually do), but I won't deny requests for my email address to provide more details. :P

  3. LOL - just trying to see if I can make you blush!! I'm too shy to give up all my business!!