Apr 27, 2007

Ding, fries are done.

(Edit: Didn't realize they finally closed off my RoadRunner account. I haven't had it for ... 3 years now, but have still had FTP/web access. Moved everything to a new server, so the story links should work fine now.)

Finished up that story this morning. It's on the stories list now- 'Double Jump'. (Sorry for shifting stuff around again, trying to figure out which way makes the most sense.)

I'm not as impressed with it as my first one (Morning Would), but I don't think it's horrible, and as the saying goes, you're your own worst critic. Plus it's harder to convey the felings when it's imagined with someone where you know the feelings, etc., vs. making all of it up as you go.

Click here to read it in a new window, or find it in my sidebar under Stories.

I realized during writing this, that it's not hard to find me on the Web; 'Where Tymme Stands Still' is a common pun I use. It's been the name of most of my blogs/homepages, and my immortal rooms on the games I play. Not sure what people (besides the few I know and willingly share with) would think.

Oh well, who cares, it's a story! I can finally add the 'story' tag now- hopefully more to come in the near future. :)

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  1. I just read "Double Jump" and I really enjoyed it. Of course I tried to make that "uhguh" noise from the story when I was done! It was very detailed, I felt like I was in the room watching it happen!