Apr 11, 2007

"Everyone heard me say reset button, right?"

No bath (you've never seen my tub, icky rusted out drain (yae for old houses)), no meditation, no nap... didn't use any of them to help my mood. (Thanks for the suggestions, though.)

What did do it? Smiley-faced french fries. (It's the simple things, sometimes.....)

I dunno if that really was it or not, but by that point, my mood was a lot better. There wasn't any improvement yesterday morning; still had the lingering mood from the night before, and Ruby digging around in her food dish was annoying me even more.

I'd toned down my Aardwolf experience by turning off info and channels, but that didn't stay that way for that long. I got annoyed with myself over constatly checking the secreen even though I tried to limit what I saw. When I turned channels back on, I had to listen to someone I'd hoped would be gone longer, and just got more annoyed, to the point I froze myself so I couldn't return until Sunday.

I then spent 4-5 hours playing Civilization IV, and my mood started to ligthen some as I forgot about everything else. I had my other Puma Kola soda with lunch, and then was surprised with those fries for dinner along with bacon-cheddar chicken sausages. I was doing alright by that point. I didn't do much else; grabbed a late nap on the couch while Drawn Together was playing, and that was about it.

Without Aard, I showered and went to bed around 10:30, vs. the usual midnight ro so. Kacy joined me probably 20 minutes later. Since we went to bed early, we read some more of Microserfs. Kacy erupted into a giggling fit over the author's rendition of girls discussing tampons, pads, etc. (it was dead-on, from what she said). We stopped about the time the light went off, which was 11:45, and went to sleep. (Normally light going off means it's time to shower and then head to bed.)

I'll probably waste a few hours on Civ IV again today, but also going to do some stuff around the house. (Or maybe a nap, since my nap at 6pm or so last night didn't help me get to sleep.) ...At least, that's my intentions. I'd like to do something constructive (schoolwork or housework) before NWN tonight, and not just fall into the rut of wasting my day away on something else.

Regardless of what I do/don't do, at least it's an improvement in moods.

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  1. I didn't know "Drawn Together" still came on. Are they new episodes?