Apr 19, 2007

It's something at least....

Unfortunately, it's not writing. That's still bugging me. I haven't had much for inspiration of late, nothing sparking my imagination. I think I have a poem I'm about ready to write, but not 100% yet. Short story ideeas are all poof, nothing for creativity. I'd hoped Neverwinter Nights or Oblivion or something would spark my moods to write, since I can feel some fantasy story in there... but no dice yet.

I'm at least writing here, trying to do so regularly, to at least get something written down more often than once a month/year/whatever like I used to do. It's mundane stuff for the most part, but it's better than nothing I guess.

Tomorrow is an exercise in creativity, though in a different medium... moving back out into the living room. We got this place because it's bigger (it's probably bigger than my mom's house)... which is all fine and dandy, but it's an old, uninsulated house. Our heat bills were hitting $150-$200/month, which was more than we could handle. Energy Assistance programs sorta helped, by paying a month's worth ($120ish) and that's it.

So, we put up an old blanket across the archway between the living and dining room and moved into the dining room. It's more cramped, but livable, and it meant the heat was turning on every 20 mins rather than every 10 when it was really cold out (and that's with thermostat at 62, brr). Now that it's finally warming up in general (minus the where-the-hell-did-THAT-come-from snowstorm last Monday), we're moving back out there. Unlike moving in here, though, we're not moving the bookcases- too much to take down and put back up. So, we're rearranging around it.

I kinda wanna move the TV too... it's in a corner on a diagonal, which is okay, but makes it hard to get good positions for my surround sound speakers that I want to hook up (now that I have room, and provided they stil work- haven't tested since moving here or at the last apartment, so about 1.5 years ago). There's not a lot of choices for setup, though, so it might stay where it's at.

The nice thing (and I'm shocked for saying it) is that I'll be back out where there's more light. The only time there's a lot of light in here is closer to noon, but then the sun's shining in and I have to close the blinds cuz it goes right across my monitor or behind/in front of it on my desk so I can't see.

I'm not gonna do anything too drstic, like start going outside for the hell of it. :P But, it's at least something a little nicer overall... and it's been fun moving stuff around. Plus, toss in the surround system, get my xbox modded like I want or run stuff from my PC (or both), and it can be a lot more enjoyable out there.

We'll see where things go. Think I'll go be constructive and do homework.

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