Apr 22, 2007


I don't remember much other than the girl from my previous post, not enough to write about. Don't remember the situation any more, etc.

Today's another 'ok, now what?' days. Still desire to be creative, and still have no outlet. Other than a few small things, the living room is basically set as-is. Bought a HD tuner for my TV for watching stuff (Heroes tomorrow, w00t!), want to eventually find a new stand and move it. Once I do that, I can hook up the HT system. Until then, tho, there's no point in trying to put it up now.

I've got plenty of entertainment at my disposal- Civ 4, NWN, Oblivion, Aard, Dungeon Runners, and more... and nothing is entertaining me.

I'm writing more often, even if it's nothing of value, just to get into the habit of writing more. I know that's one of the things you're supposed to do when trying to write. I don't think there's a problem with being able to write... it's just a matter of what to write about. Just like it's a matter of figuring out what to do.

I might not consider myself in a 'creative' mood, as much as a 'tinkering' mood. Take something apart, find out what makes it tick, etc. Maybe something lik Legos might help. I dunno. There's construction sets for Oblivion and NWN to make something of my own, but I don't think that's the way I wanna go atm either.

I'm sure the constant complaints about being non-creative are boring and annoying too. My life is generally boring/annoying in that there's not much going on. I might hear more soon from DVR, which would be a nice change... but otherwise, I'm not left with many options here... sorry everyone has to hear about it continuously.

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