Apr 26, 2007


...and stuff. (I dunno where that came from....)

I managed to get some of the erotic story written tonight. A bit of 'inspiration' for mood from some of the blogs I was reading helped my mood (along with a few random thoughts), and so I figured I'd just work on what I had. Had to break for food (was hungry as well), but scrapped part of the story I was working on and patched it back up. I stopped when the gf got home- still don't feel comfortable with writing around her, espec erotic stuff- but it's at least getting somewhere.

Might be opening the floodgates too; I've got ideas for the other non-erotic story too. That one will be a bit harder because I'd like to use Steve's creations (names, etc.) but I don't think I remember all of them. Maybe I've still got notes somewhere... but if not, I can try making some of it up myself, I suppose.

Either way, I hope to have a new story link as of tomorrow.. stay tuned. :P

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