Apr 23, 2007

Things that make ya go, "Hmm".

I removed my 'notes' post, the dream is lost. The girl isn't, because there was strong emotion there (sensual, but not really sexual), so I haven't forgotten her... but the details around the rest of the dream/etc are gone now. I can't put back toghether what else was going on, which leaves an important detail of the story/memory missing.

I did do some writing this morning. This story, though, is like the last story I started but didn't finish:

As said before, I have 'visions' of what to write; I see the scene and can write it down. That's the case with the past stories I've written, erotic or otherwise.

The two that I've stumbled on, though- this one and one other- are different. The people I'm thinking of aren't just random people or friends or completely made up; instead, they're two former girlfriends. I think there's a mental roadblock with whether I should still have these feelings and whether I'm comfortable with writing them out in public stories for all (particularly current gf) to read. I know she doesn't mind, but given the way things have gone in the past (relationships with both the girls in these stories ended because of me looking for/thinking of someone else), I'm more worried about my own thoughts on it I guess.

(Plus, I couldn't think straight, my mind was as/more focused on the mood the story was creating, as writing the story itself, heh.)

So, I'll put that on back-burner and try again later.

I keep getting brief flashes of an idea for a fantasy story, but they disappear before I can grasp them and understand what they're supposed to be. It's a fantasy setting at least; it might be from something I've done/seen/etc. before, or it might be an actual idea. Until I can get a grasp on it, though, I'm left in befuddlement and try not to think about it too much. I'll let it bubble to the surface when it's ready to be coherent.

I'm not feeling the hottest today (think brats may have been slightly undercooked Sat night), so my focus isn't 100%, either. since we're in the living room, we will be able to watch Heroes tonight, which gives me time to write tomorrow (body permitting). Think I'll try a rewrite of a scene/prologue I'd been asked to write before; the ideas for that haven't gone away.


  1. When you have these flashes of the fantasy story are you immediately writing it down? Keep a pad and pen with you at all times if not already.

  2. I'm psycho for Heros!!