Apr 30, 2007

This day and history....

Today was a good day in some ways, but not in others.

Overall, it was good. I had fun playing Aardwolf again, which I haven't done for a month or more. I spent a good portion of the day talking /flirting with an old friend. Got some stuff done admin-wise on the game, too, and listened to the weekly radio broadcast.

I spent basically the entire day here, not doing much... and it was fun. I kick myself for it now, though- while I stayed up all day (which I need to start doing more often), I could've done something productive. Haven't done enough of that lately (except Saturday w/ schoolwork). I did break down our mountain of cardboard next to the fridge- it was stacked higher than the top of the freezer. Compressed it down to two pizza boxes and a big Ritz box worth of cardboard. So, I guess I DID do something useful today.

I think I've gotten most of my gaming outta my system now, though. So, unless there's bad storms in the morning (had some tonight and more forecast for tomorrow at some point), I'm gonna work on that prologue.

I seem to be 'at home' with writing about gods. Pantheons in pretty much any book idea, etc., that I (or my friends, as in this case) create are usually personified, and often based around us. That's where my nickname came from, for that matter- Tymme was my name for myself in a story I was writing. My friend took it and used it as the god of Time (each of us were a particular god in what was called the Circle of Light). That's where I got the symbol of the hourglass and the theme of the chronomancer from; it's even my first tattoo (the pic above, though needs touching up/finishing yet).

Now that I've gotten everything outta my system for fun and laziness, I'm gonna give wirting a try again tomorrow. I've had ideas for that story for a while, just distracted myself with the other stories, other people, or whatever.

Make sure to yell at me if you see me making too many comments like today, or just laugh if they're inappropriate ones... hehee. (Not that I'd EVER do that- nope, not me....)

Eyes are sore, butt's tired from bein' in the chair all day... so I'm off to bed 'til tomorrow.

(Aww, crap, I just remembered Heroes- we didn't watch it tonight cuz they were breaking in every 5 mins with severe storm warnings. I'll try to resist temptation on that 'til after I write....)


  1. Bummer! Heros was sooooo good last night! Love the tat!

  2. Definitely NOT a sleeper pisode. I didn't wait... bad me :P Few other things outta the way, and will be good to write.

  3. I love the tat. You said it was your first, how many do you have?

  4. Only one, so far. :P Want a few more but need to get them figured out, find what I want, where to put 'em, etc.

    Typical tattoo syndrome, got one, want more....