Apr 29, 2007

Weekends, yae!

Nothing too special for the weekend, really.

Friday was fun; gf had a short day and we went to the Humane Society after the weekly grocery shopping. We almost went home with a dog, though we couldn't decide between two- one was a Chipoo (chihuahua-poodle)... looked like David Bowie. Very shy- it took about an hour before he finally sarted getting close to us and let me pet him. He perked up when the second counselor joined us, since she was the one that did his review when he came into the shelter, so he knew her. Eventually he did warm up to us some... but we weren't sure... especially since he wasn't potty-trained and I wasn't quite as impressed. Not a big deal, but I was gonna be the one training him / with him a lot more than the gf was.

The second dog we saw was Ostara, a Husky mix. She was the opposite- wayyyy friendly, lots of kisses, etc. A little too hyper I think, though if we'd had a way to get her home (since we couldn't do it via bus), we might've. An older couple was looking at her when we left, and judging by the Humane Society website, she's been adopted.

Yesterday was just a lazy day overall... I don't remember doing anything of real importance. Schoolwork, but that's it; otherwise just a rest-up day. Today we cleaned some, watched the NASCAR race, then grilled out for dinner (grilled chicken breasts for later this week, and corn & pork chops for dinner).

Overall, a nice weekend. Gonna see about writing something other than an erotic story tomorrow, maybe finally work on that other idea. 'Course, all depends on moods... libido of late comes & goes, and that determines my mood for writing and what to write.

We'll see.....


  1. Hey Tymme, glad to see you had a nice weekend! I'll be looking forward to whatever you write. I was able to read "Two" and wanted to see if there was another part to that story, that one was VERY interesting! I wanted to see if the two guys end up going through with it or if they "go all the way", so to speak. Just curious, that's all. Talk to you soon!

  2. Well, most my stories are based on something from RL. Morning was a fantasy about someone I know and same with Double Jump now; Two was based off an experience with a friend. Since him & I didn't 'go all the way', it's a bit harder to have an idea of how that'd go, etc.

    (I know that doesn't mean much when I can write fantasy that has no grips in reality, but it's different.)

    I was thinking of continuing Two, though it'd turn into Three w/ the girl involved instead. :P At some point in the future...

  3. I think most of the really good stories are that good because they are based off of real life. You have had some exciting experiences, from what I've read so far!

  4. Where are these stories? I have read threw you blog but I don't see any stories. Am I not going back enough?

  5. They're linked over there ------> (on the sidebar)

    I added a label 'Story' for when I announce a new story, and in the future I'll add a direct link to it in that post. (I'm also going to add a link to the new one I just wrote in that post after this comment.)

    This was the first story I wrote that was 'new' for my blog, so I didn't think about that this time through.