May 4, 2007

Birhgt light! Bright light!

I'm light-sensitive. VERY light sensitive. Bright sunlight has me walking with my eyes almost closed, sometimes even w/ sunglasses on (though they usually help). Hazy days are even worse than bright, sunny days, though.

Winter is worse, because it always likes to get nice and bright after a snowstorm moves through. Glare is ridiculous- makes my eye water just thinking about it. What's worse is used to have my ee doc's appointment in January. It seemed to NEVER fail to snow soon before and be sunny the day I went. Dilated pupils make light sensitivity that much more fun! I am getting out more and it's getting better (as is being somewhere w/ windows instead of holed up in the basement), but it's always gonna suck.

I don't know if it it's the light-sensitivity, or something else, but along the same lines, I can't tilt my head back for long periods of time. I can barely do drops, and forget trying to hold my eye open to do them- touch it and I'll squint closed even harder.

It sucks for this time of year- I've known for about 5 or so years (well maybe closer to 10) that I've had allergies. Was a decent day out but eyes were going nuts when I went into work one day, and checked Weather Channel's website and pollen count (or something) was way high. Kept track and it definitely made an influence.

So, I've got allergy drops for now, some I got from the doctor at my last visit and my gf had some organic ones. I had her help putting one in yesterday, and we lost the first drop down my cheek. Second one got in, but could feel it didn't coat everything... part as feeling better, soothed, etc., while the rest wasn't.

Toss in glasses that are scratched along with this, and it makes for a hard time sitting around here! I amazingly only napped once this week, Weds, for an hour or two (since I knew I was gonna be up late playing NWN). The rest of the week has been suffering through icky vision and headaches and gnereally staying indoors.

Oh well, I'll take spring and allergies over winter temps any day! Though the headaches have killed most any creative processes once the day starts moving along... *sigh* More for the future, I suppose.

Edit- Went out for a while today. Maybe I'll take winter back... maybe. Went to Chipotle for lunch, then the mall, then Usinger's for some sausages for the newxt few weeks. It was that icky 'barely bright', not really hazy, but sun just between the clouds. I've got a raging headache, and eyes feel like crap. What's worse is it makes me think about how helpless I am. I could barely keep eyes open enough to follow Kacy's feet. Without that, I'd sure have been SOL.

The headache is bad, the eye pain is bad... gonna nap off those two. The sinking depression-like feelings are a lot harder to get rid of, though....

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