May 15, 2007

Day two....

More of the same today, good times overall.

Gerry was first. This time we worked on using a blind guide (e.g., someone else) leading. I'd helped guide my mom and stuff before, but hadn't been on the receiving end much. Special techniques for wandering around in the dark (blocking face/groin), special ways to open doors depending on open-in/open-out and which side, etc. A bit of overkill, but it's part of the training.

Jennifer in hour 2. Learned about a news-by-phone service and looked at the store w/ various talking clocks, watches, thermometers, etc.- all sorts of stuff.

Hour 3 was Rob. Basically talked about how things were going, and seemed like stuff was fine. Talked about social aspects a bit, and got some suggestions there. Got done early and really didn't have to do much. Add him to the list of people I don't need to see again (one more meeting was gonna be on Thurs).

Lunch after that. Got done w/ Rob early so I had my lunch done by the time my actual lunch hour started. It was really warm and muggy yet; AC had just gotten turned on, storm hadn't passed through yet, etc., so it was good napping time. Girl that was next to me was having an evaluation done too, so we talked a little bit before I dozed off for most the hour.

Gerry again after lunch, with cane training up/down stairs. Interesting techniques, but I picked them up fast. Prob got done in about a half hour or so, even doing it with my eyes closed so I wasn't cheating as much.

The dr. I'm gonna see tomorrow morning is gonna be a bit late, but should still have decent amount of time in the morning. After her I see Claire, who's a low vision specialist, and has different devices, lens stuff, etc., to help with glare and other big issues. Can't wait for that.

Jennifer's said she's almost done w/ me. Troy's been done since day 1. Rob's done. That leaves Claire and Gerry (after one or two more hours with Jennifer), and I'm good to go! I doubt I'll be lucky enough to get it done tomorrow, but a short day on Thursday for sure. Then a few weeks, and a 'staffing' meeting with my DVR counselor and the people I've worked with, to tell me what's going on, what they've found from the evaluation, etc.

Overall, much better experience than I thought. Serious but not oerly so, lotsa information, lots of ego-stroking (having known and adapted a lot already). It's all good. I'll be glad when it's done tho.

)For the story- have the intro done. Probably write more tonight, got into a flow I like, just a matter of getting it written now.)

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