May 23, 2007

Eek, it's RoboTymme!

I had that visit from the 'vendor' (it's two people, though only one came here) that sells Jordy.

I tried out a few things. I tried Jordy first. I could be out in the living room, and with the right magnification settings, could read the bag of coffee on the far end of the kitchen, probably 25' away! It also had useful modes for reading text, adding a stand, etc.

I tried a similar product afterwards, but forgot what it was, and wasn't that impressed anyway... it didn't have the zoom and wasn't as clear with what it showed, etc.

I also learned about the Amigo, which is a portable CCTV magnifier. It worked really well for sitting on the table and reading text that was under it.

So, both of these are going to go to Claire tomorrow and be on my recommendation (well, 'required') list, along with a smaller LCD screen that both can connect to so that I can use them without wearing them, etc. The lady that did the demonstration today will also be coming back once I/we have the equipment to help me get a better feel for it, which isn't bad.

Kacy even got 'hired' for helping her with a small rehearsal dinner/cookout in July for her son... so it was a productive day overall!

Haven't done much in the way of writing. Quirky sleeping habits have left me frazzled, and the glare on sunny days seems to scatter my mind as well. (Random conversations from Kacy seem to get on my nerves and are more frequent lately, too, which always kills my writing ability.) Kacy will be babysitting for one of the daycare's families once a week for a little extra cash, though, so I'll have a night to myself soon, and can hopefully use that to my advantage.

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