May 24, 2007

Quick update.

It's warm- AccuWeather says mid-80's. Thank the gods for the breeze! Much nicer than old place, even if we have to put up with mice (the bad kind, though we haven't seen them since that one day) and idiots driving by with bass up too high for anyone's good. Idiots. *grumble*

Appointment with Claire got moved back, a week from Monday now.

Gonna go try to write some more.

Edit- Maybe not. I did add a few sentences, but that was it.

The front door is open to cash in on some of that gusty wind to help with the temperatures and air flow. I'm hearing conversations, cars, and the 'bonkies' from our wood chimes outside the front door, and it's too distracting. I'm a little paranoid about having just the screen door open and not paying full attention with headphones on. I know the chances of anything happening are slim, but we are in a transitional neighborhood and idiots are more rampant when the temp's warmed up.....

Music can be a help sometimes, but it can be a distraction at other times. When I started the story, it was a help, it kept my mood up and was just in a 'good zone'. Those times are always fun. Today, though, I couldn't find music I liked so it was mroe of a distraction having to change it every song or two.

No big deal, though. I've got Stephen Lynch on DVD from Netflix to watch, so I'll find some food, take a breather, and give it a shot tomorrow morning when it's cooled off.

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