Jun 14, 2007


Rather than usual diet of IQF chicken breasts grilled/marinated and served with rice, or vegetable and tempeh stir fry, or whatever else non-meaty, I filled myself up on carnal pleasure tonite.

I'd gotten an email last week from Pizza Shuttle about tonight being a special night where local restaurants donated 25% of their profits to Camp Heartland. I told Kacy about it and we decided to plan for ordering out.

Well, we couldn't figure out what we wanted. I looked around Camp Heartland's website and got a list of places that were in on the event. We decided on Harry's Bar & Grill.

Definitely not disappointed. We had Mac & Cheese squares for an appetizer, and I had atheir Brat-and-a-Burger for my main meal. Take a half pound burger, add cheddar cheese, pickles, and a bratwurst cut into fourths... and you get YUMMMMY!

I dunno why it's a big deal, but I'm happy to have had burger. Nice treat once in a great while, and nice to not have it every day... sure helps my gut. Still eat too much, but at least it's not stuff that's QUITE as bad for me.

Wandered back towards the house (via way of Cold Stone Creamery) after, but decided we'd had enough and had dessert here. Walking in my sandals made my leg hurt, though- I cross my middle toe over my second toe when I walk in them for long periods of time. Acted up more on the trip home, then got better as night progressed. I hope it's gone by tomorrow... guess we'll find out then.

I wanted to write today, but ended up napping from 10:30 til 2:30 or so. Le sigh. I really need to get back in that habit. Maybe I'll start writing in there rather than writing these... but at least for the moment, it's something.

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