Jun 2, 2007

Test & Tornado

Figured I'd write this while it's fresh in memory.

I've had a few dreams now w/ a particular girl in it. I recognized her in the dream today and some of the situations/settings/layout.

They all happen at my old junior high school. This last time, it was in some English class. She knew me, I knew her. We had a test (for some reason, it was on black paper), which I was having trouble with. The prof was a dick, one of those notorious for tough tests. Almost everyone that was in there had tried his class before and failed, but it was my first time in the class.

The girl (I don't think I've heard her name) showed how she (and a few others at least) had ways to get around the tough tests- a highlighted copy w/ notes and answers, and a voice recorder that the teacher (and nobody else) somehow didn't hear.

The teacher wandered around the classroom and she knew she'd get caught, so she made up an excuse to go to the bathroom and fix her makeup. The teacher knew what as up and caught her in her request. She left the room crying, and I could feel how hurt I was... but also had to finish that test.

A little while later we heard a big thud from the far end of the school; turns out (we think) a tornado had hit it. I pointed out another twister off in the distance that got close pretty quick and was gonna swipe the same end of the building as the last one. We al started to file outta the classroom, and went down the hallway to go to the shelter for the tornado.

On the way there, I found the girl again. She was busy crying in a hot tub. The hot tub was there before too; I remember it from another dream. We talked and I comforted her (sitting on the outside of the tub), and that's when I woke up.

This dream was strange; for one, it didn't have a totally ludicrous plot. A few things didn't make sense, but for the most part, it was plausible, anchored in reality far more than most my dreams. I dunno where the deep emotions for this girl came from but I can feel again, that my body was reacting to the dream pretty vigorously- heavy heart, etc. I'm not even 100% sure who this girl is. She looks like one or two people I know, but a very different personality from either that doesn't match anyone else.

It'll be interesting to see if these continue. I know this isn't the first dream about her... hopefully won't be the last. Do have to wonder though, what's being stirred up with these dreams. Sometimes I can understand the symbolism, but this time it's escaping me.

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