Jun 13, 2007

TV and Life

I'm fast approaching 30. Not a big deal, really... I don't know that I feel 30, but I never remember how old I am anyway. It's all a matter of attitude.

But, I was definitely reminded of my age when I read some sad news last night. Mr. Wizard wandered off to play with that giant chemistry set in the sky.

I feel particularly saddened by the loss... not like a family member sadness (well, maybe, considering the lack of attachment I have to my family)... but moreso than most other deaths I've read about. It affected me as much as Jim Henson's death did years ago.

I guess this Digg quote sums it up:

This hit me harder than I would have ever expected -- I think because it took me back to a time when being a geek wasn't nearly as accepted as perhaps it is now. In an often lonely pre-adolescence, his show offered a brief but welcome comfort where I could watch TV for 30 minutes and not feel guilty or stupid or dorky or lame.

I even feel a bit bad about the fact that TV stars' deaths have had more impact on me than my family's deaths (save my grandfather)... but I guess I'll live with that. I haven't lost anyone else that was extremely close, so I guess it's hard to compare.

I'll move on, but it's at least got me thinking this morning.

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