Dec 24, 2008


We were approved for the apartment, and moved into the new place on the 20th. Still have some stuff at old place, still have to clean up... but busy few days in here.

We thought we were gonna lose Fifi; a few days before the move, she was squealing and running in circles, twitching, etc. Looked like a stroke or something. Got worse over the weekend, moved her to her own cage, and didn't expect her to last through the move, espec going out (even for a few mins) into the cold weather to move her to new place. But, by Monday, she was back to her old self... as good as can be. Poor rat... whatever was wrong then, plus the arthritis, and everything else... and stilll happy and as carefree as can be.

Another round of holiday stuff tomorrow (dad's last nite, mom's tonite), then a few days for a break, then 'holiday' get-together with friends from mostly out of town... and then back to normal at the end of next week.

Will write more when there's more time....

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