Jan 6, 2009

I Hereby Decree....

People, especially on the Internet, are quick to bitch about anything and everything. It's no big surprise, really.

What does get annoying, really quick-like, is people bitching about things where they haven't the slightest clue what they're talking about.

Thus, I hereby decree that everyone that has na issue and wants to bitch about it, should first spend a week in the situation in question.

Maybe then people will learn things like there's more than one person involved when making your food (e.g., more places your special order could've been screwed up); that there's no elf in the back stock room creating the product you want to buy right then & there; that it takes time and resources to develop, code, and maintain your favorite game or the application you're running; and so forth.

Sure, some of these aren't rocket science (though the coding one gets kinda close)... but it seems most people forget there's many links in the chain, and more oftehn than not, you're not always dealing with the weak link.

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