Jun 1, 2009


Two new additions from the Humane Society as of Saturday. Originally named Maurice and Buster, we kept Maurice and (after passing up Space Cowboy and Steve (Miller Band)) decided on Zippy. They're Siamese-point and dumbo-eared, which is part of what attracted Kacy (mostly) to them in the first place.

They're already friendly, coming up to the cage to say hi, etc. They don't like being picked up to be taken out but have no problems once they are. We've had them out on the bed a few times, which usually involves quick explorations before running back to hide in my shirt or Kacy's armpit. Zippy likes to sleep there, and Maurice tends to cause trouble.

The two are from the same litter (7 weeks old) and look almost identical; I can't tell them apart and Kacy can only if both are out and about. This also makes it seem like they interchange personalities- Maurice will run out, look around, get in trouble, run into my shirt to hide, and Zippy will pop out (or so we think). That's why there's only one picture, but there's very little difference between them. Hopefully we'll get a shot of both of them at some point.

They like their cage, which is good; they're busy wrestling off/on, running in the wheel together, and so forth. Doesn't look like we'll have any problems. Not going to cage them with Brother/Sister because we don't wnat to neuter both of them nor (at least for now) have a litter from Sister. We'll see what happens in the future....

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