Jul 6, 2009

They're destroying our city!!!

What an ... interesting... day.

Caught a glimpse of the news saying the Patrick Cudahy meat plant being on fire last nite, between stuff on the DVR. Nothin' special. Fall asleep late/early.

Around 10:30 or so (I think), barely waking up, there's a pound at the door. Never heard door buzz, didn't know what was going on. Blearily open the door, and it's a police; city's under mandatory evacuation. Cop makes sure we're gonna leave and lets the rest of the complex know. Flipped on the TV as they were discussing it and why it happened; there was a good chance the fire could overcome ammonia tanks behind a firewall and the wind was likely to switch from blowing out onto the lake to southwest, right over us.

Tell Kacy when she hoss outta the shower; drearily put on my shoes and we ran to the bus stop. (Kacy had decided to take the later bus, otherwise I'd have been the only one home and have to go with the evac shelter.)

Yay for twitter- kept up with updates there. Went up to UWM and hopped on a PC in one of the labs and checked out the coverage. No sound, so couldn't get much for details, but sounded like everything was already contained.

Spend a few hours getting good and checking up for new info; next thought next conference was at 5pm but instead was 3:30, saying things were better but to conserve water in Cudahy (which was evacuated?) and nearby cities.

Finally heade home around 6pm, still not knowing what was going on. As of noon, they were sounding like possible overnight stays at the shelters. We headed to Kacy's parents. On the way down, the bus made its detour near Cudahy, but they wer eplaying with barricades. At the end of the detour, the barricades were gone. Hopped on the PC quick, and found that as of 7pm, the evacuation order was lifted.

Got home, checked on rats, opened windows, and relaxed after a long, confusing day. Overall an interesting experience. Still several hours of cleanup left, but glad to at least be home.

More info from the news here.