Jul 1, 2010

Long time...

So, long time since any other posts. Joys of micro-blogging and such; everything happened on Twitter or Facebook or whatever. Those joys also bring back some old acquaintances, so I figure I'd put everyone up-to-date with a cross-post.

Kacy and I went our separate ways; communication issues were the root, but a lot more needed to change and hadn't across the span of time we talked about things. Frustration and other things meant I was looking out to others, and found happiness in another long-time friend; going on 6 months physically together now and nice and happy. (Several years' worth of time in the making, so it's not like we're jumping in quick.)

My mom developed a brain tumor, and had decided she was tired of constant treatments and surgeries a few years ago, so it ran its course and came to a finish Feb 21. It really sucks waiting for someone close to die, and there's a lot of images that I hope will eventually be replaced by happy thoughts... but the process goes on. It also brought a connection back to a lot of that side of the family that wasn't there.

So that's all different; other stuff is the same. Same apartment, same lack of job, same desire to write and no inspiration, same wasting of time on here, consoles, whatever else. Was a lot really missed?