Apr 25, 2011

Ho hum

Nothing over the weekend, like I planned. I don't think I had any new ideas anyway.

I was playing Portal 2 and thought about writing from the perspective of a sentient pile of garbage (no euphamism here, I mean a dumpster full of trash). Then again, I did the inanimate thing, so maybe I'll find something else.

Maybe I'll go for the dragon. It's not really outta my realm of comfort, but I can at least put together a series of events, which is where I need the most work anyway. (I still have to do my IS homework (web page) and then my writing homework (plot development).)

Distractions seem to be a good thing. I notice I'm being ditracted and focus and write more, rather than sitting there in the quiet, wondering about the quiet. Too many distractions, though; between sleeping oddly, bit of hunger, and mood from past few days, it's really not a creatively condusive day.

No way I could stop at just one week, though. Maybe I'll add more into my regimen... since I'm on a schedule, I can affix things to it, like pills I hsould be taking.

I don't know why it's so hard to get myself to keep writing. I don't want to, mostly cuz I don't have any ideas I suppose. I neeed to exercise my creativity. I also need to find the source of omnom nom smoke grilly stuffs, cuz it's drivin' me nuts.

Hippitus hoppitus, hilarious South Park. I'm not that funny. I have a few reactionary comments but so much of my stuff is recycled. I really need to find my muse again. I know I wrote the story where I took control of it, but I dunno if I still have it or not. (It didn't help at the time, but maybe this is a better method of control.)

Part of me is saying cut this short, cuz I can't think, and part of me wants to see it through. Eyelids are heavy (don't know why, I slept fourish hours this morning and six or eight this afternoon). Mush mush mush.

Marie found a stuffed cow out on the street, and it sat on top of the washer for a week or wto before she finally washed it for me. I wonder what his story is. Is it moooo-ving? It's cute, and now we have another inhabitant for the living room (on top of the 3 or 4 already out here and probably about two dozen still packed). He looks kinda like my big squishable/squeezable/whatever one. Then again, stuffed cows generally come in two forms, either the kind that sits or the giant Pomerenian ball-of-softness-with-legs. I've got plenty of both, hehee.

Oh yay, the whores are out again. I can't help but laugh (and cry in envy) over the two-dollar-per-message sexting things that've popped up. You never knew for sure with a phone line, and now you don't even see who's behind the cell! How gullible can people be? (I guess plenty, since they can afford to advertise almost as often as drug commercials.)

Mad Madam Mim! Purple dragons and such nonsense. Or even better, Alice in Wonderland. I'll have to find the e-book and try to read it, until I get stuck on the blingerfarnth oddball made-up word. I wonder how all these authors 'broke through' with their various forms of nonsense. I don't think that happens much more nowadays.

Maybe a bit of IS homework, some sleep, and then work on being up better ttimes / sleeping in one bunch (seems like I've lost that the past week or two). Lack of sleep is definitely not helping the process. I'll have to make sure I'm more fed next time, too.

Overall, though... this is a nice time to write. Distraction or not, tired or not, I can keep up with it. I'm looking forward to having less fluff like tonight and more working on details, but it's taking a while to get the creative engine running. I'll just have to remember I started out with Schpantzz almost right away, so the creativity IS in there somewhere.

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