Apr 26, 2011

More of the same.

I need to start reading previous night's blogs. I think I was forming an idea last night, but cant' remember it now, and feel unispired yet again.

Just answered a Y!A question before starting this, about Final Fantasy. Some of the storylines are so incredible, lengthy, and interesting. Granted, a few kinda go overboard (I've been playing more FFXIV adnd still dont' remember if Pulse or cocoon is bad, or fel'Cie vs l'Cie or whatever-the-hell-they are), but most of the storylines are really pretty solid. That'd be interesting to read as a book.

Poor sleeping habits probably aren't helping, eiter. Body seems to think bedtime at 2-4am is naptime instead. I still get enough sleep, just at the wrong times. My mind is awake now, I guess, but I don't know when the creativity really hits; maybe it's something that needs more time to start up.

I could start writing for longer, but on nights like tonight, I think it'd be mroe frustrating than anything. I know I've been spending more time looking at the clock, happy that it's done, rather than lost in my story. Maybe it's just an external mental attitude towards a lot of things....

(And old habits are dying hard, too... I just blanked for half a second and then hit the numpad to look and scan like I do when bored on Aard. Tsk tsk tsk.)

I think I'm done writing 'don't know what to write' posts. I'll start using one of the plotline generators if I have to. Writing the same 'not writing' stuff over and over turns me off like any other complaining. So, no more of that. (After tonight.)

Damn commercials, now I want Taco Bell. I really wish I didn't, because I absolutely hate the ocmmercial that's on. (I hope that's the point.) Bah! Maybe tomorrow, maybe Friday... (really gotta figure what's where).

For now, though... I'll try to figure out somthing els to distract me. I actually started my IS homework, so that's at least something kinda creative, in some tech way.

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