Apr 18, 2011

Scribble, scribble.

Trying to start the regularly-writing thing. I've done it before, or more, I've tried to do it before, but I don't think I ever even got to a strctured, "this is when it'll happen, and it'll happen regularly" kinda thing. So, we'll see where it goes.

My mind's all over the place, though. I've got an idea about writing something through the eyes of a Minecraft patron, since I was just playing Minecraft. Dunno why, but a new world I started in was kinda interesting and left me a little side niche of a cave with two entrances, a purty scenic view, and a few nearby deep cavs to explore. Maybe I can make that into a narrative.

I also thought about some quirky story about a pair of magical pants. It would be really boring, sort of- th4ey're just pants, after all, and they're only magical in the fact they can think and realize what's going on. What would it be like to go through the washer and dryer? Being worn out in the rain? The horrors of Mexican food night? Maybe I'll get to that at a later time.

I also have a plotline generator, but it's kinda cheesy. It'd be good for quick exercises, but it's also pretty easy to see what's happening. Like you can get an plumber or nun or manager or group of two or more, and they explore a cave or open a pizza place or something else (out of a list of maybe 10 things). I guess I'll save them for trying to do some writing when I'm completely bone dry of ideas.

(The fact that I thought up sentient pants is sign that my creativity isn't totally dead... I think.)

I'm not at a point to write reasons why I want to write. I'd like to be able to be a writer, but mostly just because I feel like it's a talent, that really isn't being used... and since I don't really have a lot of other talents (that I know of), I figure I might as well make use of the one I have.

Why have I failed before? Will I fail again? I don't know. It's work, it's not fun (yet), and I'm not really one to do something that requires work. I guess that changed some with school this year- I was actually doing my accounting homework, even though it took me 3-5 hours a night, when I didn't have to.

I wanna stay away from the sex stuff. It's too easy. Point A to point B to point C... the end result is pretty much garanteed and guessed based just on the genre. Just not appealing to me any more. Fantasy (like the mages and dragons kind) is really mu niche, but I don't wanna fall right into that, either. If I stick with something else that I'm not really working in comfortably, then going to something comfortable will be easier.

(I am pretty proud that stories I have written were complimented and my Sarah story was said to have a Chronicles of Narnia feel. I guess that musta struck a good chord, cuz that was from my Creative Writing class ... 8 years ago now? I wish that class had inspired more out of me back then.

I won't have the same thing at UWEC, but maybe I can find something along the lines of WritersCafe. Just need to find a community, and then stick to it, get used to the people. I did that with WC but there seemed to be an exodus, and since half of what I was writing was smut, which was okay but not really the most popular thing there, I didn't really stick around forever, or even as long as Icould/should/would have.

(Bing-ba-de-ba-de-ding. Yes, dryer, I know you're done. I heard you singing before. I'll let you sing your happy little tune to me again in a few minutes when I'm done.)

So, my brain and creativity are holding a casting call for ideas. I may have to make my muse my bitch again (I think that story is online somehwere, isn't it?) and get things going. i need to look up stuff at the library or online or something for plot development, get the ideas flowing. I want a roadmap to be able to write something from start to finish (beyond a poem or one story outta 5 started or 50 ideas).

When was the last tim I did this? My old place on Hamilton? Maybe earlier than that. So much time, gone to waste. :( So many afternoons spent wasting away time on Aard or some game, or eating lunch and napping for 2-3 hours while Futurama played in the background. (I can pretty much quote the entire episode of Amazon Women in the Mood, and probably a few others I'm pretty close.)

(Another advantage of writing now... the house doesn't feel so alone and creepy when I'm stuck in my own little world. I dun like the nights alone. It's only 6 (well, 7) hours, but falling asleep alone sucks, espec when you're not used to it and have had someone to sleep next to for ages now.)

Hmm... parrots. Polly wants a cracker, but why? Maurice wants cheese or a treat or human food of any sort (and osmetimes the finger that comes with it on accident), but I don't hear him squawking up a storm over it.)

I can't even follow hte bouncing ball in my mind. I'll hafta filter out some ideas and try to focus on just one tomorrow. I don't mind the chaos of all these thoughts, but I think I'll need to sharpen the focus to get a good, solid bit of writing on any subject. Maybe I'll just end up using the random generator. Maybe I'll make the pants story. We'll see how my mood feels after another day of schoo.... every day is a different story there. Do I get the 'eew, creepy guy, get away' vibe again? Do I get the reminder that I can't do most things the same way as other students do, that it takes me so much longer for stuff I already know?

Running outta staem... with a few minutes to go. Did better than I thought I would for my first real writing attempt (for something other than a paper/school/whatever) in a good, long while. I don't feel good about it, I don't feel like I've accomplished much... yet, at least. Hopefully that'll change as I see the days continue to go by where I keep writing. Maybe I can actually do it this time. Yeah... maybe.

Oh well, time for a donut. Oh, and the dryer. Clean sheets, woohoo!

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